Social Dimensions provides evaluation and social research services in three broad areas: Social Impact, Social Planning and Social Learning.

Social Impact

Social Impact is about finding out what difference your program or service makes to your clients and the wider community. We help you improve your impact by supplying:

  • succinct reviews of research to keep you to date on best practice;
  • insightful community profiles drawn from censuses and other data;
  • purpose built evaluations using qualitative and quantitative methods and state-of-the-art research techniques; and
  • tools to communicate your impact to wider audiences.

Social Planning

Social Planning is about helping your program or service create positive change by shaping attitudes and transforming behaviour.  We are experts in:

  • community and client satisfaction surveys;
  • stakeholder and community consultations; and
  • social marketing.

Social Learning

Social Learning is about equipping your organisation with the skills to succeed.  We deliver:

  • interactive workshops on practical research and evaluation skills;
  • workshops for visioning and planning;
  • metric that measure what is important for your program; and,
  • persuasive grant applications and other funding strategies to help your organisation get the resources it needs.

See the projects page for examples of our work.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

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