Informing Geraldton residents: how well is the City doing?

The phone survey of community members has ended.   We reached a representative sample of residents aged 15 and above.  A big thanks to the participants and the Royal Lifesaving call centre in Bridgetown for making this possible.

The CGG staff survey has also closed.  Thanks to the 125 people who contributed, especially to the many who gave detailed suggestions on how CGG can improve its communication.

As we find interesting results we will post them here.  Please make any comments about the results or the study in the boxes below or email Peter Howard.

Data Teaser #1

We asked all of the community respondents about their use of information technology and discovered it was not as widespread as we expected.  Twenty-five per cent of adults cannot send and receive emails from home and 22 per cent do not use the Internet at least once a week.  Only 43 per cent have a Facebook page and 31 per cent connect to the Internet with a smart phone or iPad.  The digital divide has a lot of people on both sides.

Data Teaser #2

Overwhemingly Geraldton residents get their information about what is happening in local government from the local papers. Not only is that where about 80% get their information, but 90% said that is where they want to get information in the future.  The community members most dissatisfied with the information they get from the City of Greater Geraldton are those who do not regularly read the papers.

Data Teaser #3

The staff survey is producing a wealth of information. Out of the 125 respondents, 64% told us that residents are interested in information from the City. On the other hand, 68% think the community does not have an accurate understanding of what the City does and a whopping 81% say most people do not understand what the City can and cannot do.

Data Teaser #4

Our first 141 community respondents told us that they are most interested in environmental and long term planning issues. They are least interested in economic and business issues and development applications.

Top interests of residents (preliminary sample of 135 people)


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