To count or not to count: Australian population data

Photo: Australian Bureau of Statistics I am a card-carrying demographer—a member of the Australian, Asian, American and international population associations and a PhD in the subject from the Australian National University. I use population data and demographic concepts in my …

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Chicken Little cried ‘Fertility is falling, fertility is falling, go tell the king’

Originally posted in Demotrends, a collaborative site for demographic research, researchers and their ideas.  See this post on their site here . In a recent tweet Demotrends shared a media report that France’s fertility was dipping below 2 children per …

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Why aren’t there more immigrants in rural Australia

Should the question be why do so many people born outside of Australia live in Australian cities or why don’t more live in regional centres and small towns? The attraction of cities is clear.  Job opportunities, friends and family who …

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Are immigrants really the backbone of rural Australia’s health and education services?

For a decade it was my job to worry about the health workforce in rural and remote Australia.  Our university department of rural health, like 11 others through the country, did our part to promote regional centres, country towns and …

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Who are rural Australian immigrants?

Airplanes and immigration policies have brought a rich mix of people from all over the globe to live in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are global cities, but outside of the capitals the population does not look or sound so diverse.  …

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Immigrants in the country: torturing the numbers

Statisticians have an expression: torture the data until they confess.  Tickle tables of census results and you are likely to reveal deeper or more nuanced truths. In my first post on immigrants in regional Australia I showed that the proportion …

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The surprising lack of immigrants in regional Australia

Australia is a population of migrants. In the 2011 census, thirty per cent of usual residents reported they were born outside of Australia and its external territories. But disproportionately Australia’s immigrants live in the capital cities.  In New South Wales, …

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A population perspective on obesity

Here is a new perspective on the obesity question–one that brings in population. A study from the UK calculated the total weight of each population in the world and then calculated its total biomass and amount due to obesity (BMI …

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