Rural youth’s flight to the city

They hung a sign up in our town “if you live it up, you won’t live it down” So, she left Monte Rio, son just like a bullet leaves a gun Hold On, Tom Waits Since the dawn of cities, …

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My highlights from 2012–it’s all about information

I was part of some wonderful projects in 2012.  As I wrote my personal highlights from a third year as a consultant, I realised it was all about information: from how Twitter is helping me to learn new tricks to …


Small businesses and the Internet

Our survey of Geraldton residents found that using the Internet at work predicted a greater confidence and use of the Internet at home. Strategies to get businesses and government services online will help their employees. At about the same time …


Age doesn’t matter, the Internet is about relationships and knowledge

  I have been analysing the community and youth surveys on use of the Internet and have been surprised to see that high school students value the same things about the Internet as us old folks.  We asked students to …

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Connected youth

Almost 1000 high school students have completed the Connected Youth survey.  It’s all hands on the keyboards entering the data.  I am wondering what the survey will say about why Geraldton’s young people like best about the Internet.

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New surveys on the use of the Internet in Geraldton

We have been distributing surveys to electors in the City of Greater Geraldton about their use of the Internet.  With more than half of the required sample back, we will be reporting our preliminary findings next week.  A team of …

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Local newspapers

Love them or hate them, local newspapers keep regional communities informed.  Elsewhere the bells are tolling for the printed newspapers.  Our research for the City of Greater Geraldton is showing that in regional centres the humble local newspaper remains the only …

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Last week of the financial year

The invoices are in and payments sent out.  All that is left to do is to keep the promises made.  That means this week I will be writing the report from the fascinating surveys of community members from 15 to …

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