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We are a social and marketing research partnership based in Geraldton, Western Australia.  Ann Larson and Peter Howard bring a passion for helping businesses,  local governments, state and national agencies and community organisations to expand or improve their services.

Every project is unique and our combined 60 years of research experience gives us an enormous tool box which we can use to find out the information that you need.

We tame wicked problems.  We believe that the thorny issues–stubborn problems that cause tensions internally, with the community or between partner organisations–can be brought under control through a better understanding of each party’s needs and aspirations. We understand organisations and are sensitive to the importance of local context and history. We connect with people from all backgrounds because we respect their points of view.

Although we love to work in the field, we keep our eyes on the big picture.  Our work helps clients to make the leap from detailed data on what is happening on the ground into information essential for state, national and international policy and critical decisions about growing your not-for-profit.

Ann Larson, PhD is a demographer and population health expert with 30 years experience in describing population health needs and evaluating programs, with a particular emphasis on Indigenous, rural Australian and global health. She combines research skills with the practical experience of living, working and managing organisations in regional Australia and Asia.  She has consulted for small community organisations, local governments, state and national health departments and international aid donors.  Ann was the inaugural director of the Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health and has published over 60 peer-reviewed publications. She is a visiting fellow at National Centre for Population Health and Epidemiology (NCEPH) at the Australian National University and was a Board of Trustees member of icddr,b–an international health research institute based in Dhaka. Her blog discusses population trend, public health issues and practical tips for conducting evaluations.

Peter Howard, PhD is an expert in qualitative methods which he uses to uncover the values that underlying attitudes and behaviours.  His research has helped local governments find solutions to controversies about dingo and flying fox management and he has worked with farmers’ groups to understand the motivations to adopt better natural resource management and business decisions.   See a profile of Peter in the Geraldton Universities Centre newsletter.


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