A population perspective on obesity

Here is a new perspective on the obesity question–one that brings in population. A study from the UK calculated the total weight of each population in the world and then calculated its total biomass and amount due to obesity (BMI greater than or equal to 30). As you can imagine, that generates pretty disgusting images of the additional 3.5 million metric tons extra fat on the planet.  That is equivalent to 56 million additional people with a healthy weight.

The extra kicker is that larger people consume more kilocalories a day.  The authors estimated that the additional energy consumed by obese people was equivalent to having and extra 24 million people with a healthy weight. This is another example of why consumption patterns are more important to sustainability than population size alone.

If you click on the New York Times article, or the link to the open access paper, you will see that four countries with the highest kilocalories consumed per person UAE, USA, Egypt and Australia.

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